Saturday night was sorta perfect. The weather was lovely. No humidity. Healthy shining sun. Occasional fluffy clouds in a crystal blue sky. Perfect.

And the afternoon was much the same. I watched a bunch of Olympics, ran some errands, had a Scotch around 5:00. I mean, if that’s not a great Saturday, I don’t know what is.

So when it came time for dinner, we decided to do something a little out of the ordinary, and in my mind, something befitting of this amazing atmosphere. Cuban!

We’d been to Cubana CafĂ© once for brunch, but I hadn’t been inspired to go back since. I’m not sure why. They have great food. Stuff I like. And it’s cheap. So I should probably make a point to go more often. Anyway.

After a wonderful cheviche of shrimp and squid that was just a bit heavy on the creamy garlic sauce, we moved into the main courses. Meena had:
- piccadillo with turkey, rice and beans

Alec had:
- pulled pork with yucca and onion relish

I mean, I’m never going to be sad about some pulled pork. It was rich and juicy and despite the garlic cream sauce that somehow found its way onto this dish as well, really nice. Delicious even. I enjoyed every bite. I even ate all the yucca.

Meena’s was OK. She ordered it with beef and ended up with the turkey. She didn’t balk at it though and kept it without sending it back. IT was good. I think she enjoyed it. She’ll probably get something else next time. But she did like it enough to ensure we’ll be back. Most certainly.

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