Saturday morning I got rolling really early with bits and pieces of the leftovers from the fridge. I had a bunch of stuff that was probably on the verge of trash-able within the next day or so. I just figured I’d throw a bunch of it together and see what happened.

I started with some vegetables and stuff:
- mache
- carrots
- crimini mushrooms
- anchovy
- olive oil
- crushed red pepper
- white onion

And then I did a pretty standard egg sandwich:
- egg
- french bread
- cheddar
- hot sauce
- mache
- salami

Pretty good. The only thing that was seriously problematic was the bread. It was leftover from the previous day and quite hard by the time we go around to eating it. OK, but not great.

The veg was a serious standout. The addition of the red pepper and anchovy gave it an amazing depth and subtle, creamy, salty notes that took normal vegetables from the dregs of the fridge to new heights. I have seen it used frequently on cooking shows and it’s a new staple of my overall vegetable cooking strategy. It just melts away and leaves your greens with the most lovely taste imaginable.

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