I can't imagine anything more mundane than a grilled chicken salad, but for some reason, we just decided it would be our best bet for a Monday night dinner. And honestly, I didn't even do anything to make this special. Nothing out of the ordinary. But it was good and satisfying and I can't argue with that.

Here's what I threw in there:
- chicken (marinated in oj, soy sauce and chili sauce)
- spinach
- carrots
- pineapple
- heirloom tomato
- corn
- dressing (garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, white wine vinegar, anchovy, black pepper)

And in addition to all that, we topped it all off with our final ear of farmers market sweet corn.

So it was pretty simple, but man, it was really singing with all sorts of yummy flavors. The dressing was tart and garlicky. The salad itself had lots of nice sweetness from the pineapple, crunchy carrots and corn and that lovely heirloom tomato. And the chicken, with its oj marinade had a bit of citrus that lingered ... in a good way.

Mundane indeed, but on this Monday, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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