I can't even make an excuse about a long week or a really stressful day at the office. I have nothing here but a simple desire to just hit the comfort food spot of the century.

I don't know. I guess because our honeymoon flight was CANCELED we just needed something. I guess I just made an excuse. Sorry. But yeah, we were just walking home from the train and we just say, you know what? Let's just throw caution to the wind and house some Lobo, fool.

So we did. And this is what we had. Meena got down with:
- edwin's enchiladas with chicken and ranchero sauce

Alec had:
- pork quesadilla

Pretty delicious! My quesadilla was actually better than usual. The pork was better. Not sure why, but it just seemed like a really fresh and juicy batch. And well, it was roasted pork. It's sorta my favorite thing ever.

Meena's was good. As always. After the Pacifico enchilada fiasco of '08, she was happy to be back in the saddle with something she loved.

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