We were at the farmer's market this last weekend and in addition to the little steaks we picked up, we grabbed some sausage and threw it in the freezer. Well, it came out on Wednesday night and we decided to revisit the favorite of this kitchen - the pizzetta.

We did essentially one version here ... we just subbed out some anchovy when the sausage ran out. So the base was this:
- flour tortilla
- marinara
- crimini mushroom
- mache
- white onion
- sea salt
- black pepper
- mozzarella

The sausage was a beef Italian sausage and it was made with the same grass fed beef from that spot's farm upstate. It was really good. We weren't expecting a lot. Why? I don't know. But we just weren't. And we were proven pleasantly wrong. It was nice and spicy. Really rich. But not super greasy. Solid sausage. We were impressed.

The anchovy joint was good too. I got a strange brand from the organic store and they were really awesome. It's funny how much anchovies vary by brand. But this little jarred variety of the furry fish were super good.

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