Poor Steveo had some surgery this week and for the next four weeks, he’ll be chillin’ on the couch with his leg elevated. And the worst part is that he’ll need to have it done all over again later this winter. No fun, Steve. No fun.

But because he’s most certainly not going anywhere, we decided to go to him for an evening filled with board games and Columbian cuisine.

Yep. Columbian. It’s that nice little spot on 5th Ave. called Bogotá Latin Bistro and it’s pretty darn good.

I can’t remember all the orders, but Meena had:
- cuban sandwich

Alec had:
- half roast chicken
- tropical slaw
- garlic spinach

Pretty awesome for delivery, my friends. My chicken wasn’t dry or old. It was hot and juicy, just like I’m sure it is at the restaurant. The slaw was all fruity and colorful and the garlic spinach was just what it sounds like – garlicky spinach!

Meena’s was pretty good. Nice pork and ham and all that. Not really Columbian, obviously, but still pretty darn good.

We’ll try to get back and see Steve a few more times while he’s in this unfortunate situation. And maybe we’ll even have more Bogotá!

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