Our good buddy Michael is on his way out of town after a wonderful summer in the city. He was interning up at my old stomping grounds and since the day he set foot on NY soil, we’ve been trying to get together for a bite to eat in Brooklyn. Well it finally worked out! MGuggy was out in BK on Saturday night and after some wine and cheese at our place, we wandered out into the beautiful night for some really amazing Italian food at Frankie’s 457.

The place was beyond packed. At 10:00 no less. So we waited for quite some time before we were finally able to grab a seat (at the bar!) for a little bit of what I’d call, hands down, the best Italian I’ve had in a long, long time.

After a lovely antipasto plate with lovely bits of cheese, meats and olives, we moved into the mains. Meena and Michael both had:
- pork braciola marinara

Alec had:
- meatballs

Pretty outstanding. The pork was rolled perfectly and stuffed just so with cheese. Not like, gushing cheese. Simple, subtle, but just enough to give you that lovely bit of flavor. Perfect. And the meat was literally falling apart tender. One tap with the fork gave you delectable bite after bite of porky goodness bathed in Frankies’ famous marinara.

My meatballs were pretty spectacular. I think they featured raisins? Is that common? Feel free to comment if this is something you know about and I should have as well a long time ago. But it was most certainly a wonderful surprise. And again, bathed in that lush marinara? Awesome.


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