Seafood Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

That’s right. We had a farmers market + Fairway seafood overload on Sunday night. We hit the market early in the a.m. to pick up some stuff for ourselves and poor old Steveo and we biked down to Fairway for some bits of salmon and scallops to complement our spread.

Once we’d finally worked up the energy after the insane biking, we got moving on a salad to start:
- pickled red onion (red onion, lime and salt)
- yellow tomato
- seared sea scallops (with sea salt and black pepper)
- herb oil (olive oil, black pepper and dried basil)
- spinach

Excellent salad. I think we probably could have added a little vinegar or something. It was really awesome and that nice tomato flavor was popping through with the creamy scallops, but yeah. Vinegar next time.

For the main course, we did a salad with a bit of salmon:
- salmon
- hearts of palm
- dressing (garlic, olive oil, anchovy, lemon and rice vinegar)
- red onion
- black pepper
- mixed greens

And with the leftover salmon, we did a little crostini:
- laughing cow french onion cheese
- salmon
- mixed greens
- pickled onion
- french bread

So I think everything came out well. The crostini was a little unwieldy. Could have been a bit smaller and I think it would have been fine. The salad was strong. The anchovy was lovely and the organic salmon from Fairway was fatty and rich. And I love hearts of palm so much. Impulse buy, but it made the salad sing.

We’ll make that starter of the scallops again. It was beautiful to look at on the plate. I just need to get that vinegar up and maybe fold in a garlic pop.

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