Last night was Monday night and we didn't much feel like doing anything drastic. Nothing big. Just a sandwich and a salad. Not that there's anything wrong with a sandwich and a salad. But I'm just saying. Nothing special. Just some nice food on a mundane Monday night.

I started with the salad:
- red onion
- mixed greens
- homemade croƻtons (french bread, olive oil, old bay seasoning)
- tomato
- gorgonzola
- dressing (olive oil, lemon juice, salt, black pepper and rice vinegar)
- avocado

And then we had a little sandwich:
- french bread
- maple turkey
- tomato
- avocado
- cheddar
- red onion
- chicken apple sausage

Served that sandwich up with a pickle and it was like being in some sandwich place where you happily fork over 10 bucks for a sandwich. Just like that. It was honestly a really solid sandwich. And the salad was jam packed with tons of good stuff. So although it was a mundane Monday, the food was actually anything but.

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