Sigh. Last night was designed around watching a VERY important Yankees game. A pivotal game that was really going to say a lot about the season. So we had food delivered and we camped out in front of the tube.

The Yankees did not deliver. Bummer.

But Zaytoons most certainly did and as usual, it was awesome. Meena had:
- shawarma sandwich with hummus

Alec had:
- shish kebab sandwich
- zaytoons mix

The ONLY bummer was that the mix didn't have any peppers in it. That was too bad. But the rest of food was on point and totally consistent with the standard 'toons quality.

So it was a bummer for the yanks, but at least we had some good foods. Better luck tonight, A-Rod.

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LEV said...

those damn yankees... at least you had a good meal out of it