I'm not sure if I fall into to this category (food blog thief) but I felt like I had to say something after reading THIS and THIS. I'll say this first. I don't steal photos from other people out there in the internets community and call them my own homemade meals. Everything that I claim I make here is made by me. That should be no surprise. It's not like it's that special or anything. I'm not trolling the internet for sorta bad photos of sorta OK food and passing it off as my own. I do however nab shots of stuff I eat when I'm out sometimes. If I go to a restaurant, sometimes I don't want to be that dude who is snapping away with flashbulbs. So I'll flickr cruise until I find something. Sometimes I mention where I found it. Sometimes I don't. I deal with intellectual property a lot and I don't know. In this forum, I just don't feel like it's a big deal. Whatever. I just felt like I should address it. If you have some beef, feel free to comment. Not that anyone who I think reads this with any regularity cares AT ALL. But just sayin.

Anyway, for foods last night, we had to move quickly. I had a fantasy football draft and had to move with the quickness. So I started with figs again:
- figs
- bleu cheese
- olive oil
- black pepper

Then I made a tiny chicken salad:
- chicken
- light mayo
- raisins
- tomato
- curry powder
- allspice
- salt
- lemon juice
- black pepper

And finally, I grilled off some sausage:
- chicken apple and gouda sausage
- pickle spears
- tomato
- ketchup
- mustard
- organic wheat bun

Everything was pretty good. Figs were melty. Salad was spicy. And the sausage was snappy and full of great stuff. Can't complain!

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