Yep. We were beat. Tired. Sick of being back in the office. And it was only Tuesday. Sheesh. You'd think the long weekend would have taken off the edge. Nyet. Just made it worse.

Anyway, we had to run by our old apt. and pick up some mail, so Lobo was pretty much a given. We were going to walk by. It would have been a crime not to buy some Tex Mex on a Tuesday, right?

Meena had:
- edwin's enchiladas with ranchero sauce

Alec had:
- chicken quesadilla

Mine was nice and cheesy. Doused in spicy habenero sauce. An onion, tomato, chicken and cheese masterpiece.

Meena's was good - just like it always seems to be when we settle down for some Lobo.

NOTE: Photo stolen from kdollnyc on Flickr. Meena did have a blood orange marg - so I just figured I'd borrow that and share. It looked nearly identical.

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