It was a lovely day of football marred by one major flaw - my team lost. There were some great moments, of course. Tom Brady might be out for the season? If nothing else, that's possibly the greatest thing to happen all weekend. All these people saying it's bad for the league? Sorry if I can't agree. But despite all the fun of opening weekend, Sunday night closed with heartbreak as my guys blew it in their brand new stadium.


But we did have some excellent food! While I was gearing up yesterday, I threw a slab of baby back ribs in the oven with some barbecue sauce, apple cider vinegar and a touch of black pepper. I let them go for about 2.5 hours and when I pulled them out, I lacquered them up with a bit more bbq and threw it all on a plate with some sweet corn.

Sweet corn, smoky bbq with some rib meat falling off the bone. I can't think of something much better for a football game.

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