Well, happy birthday, Matt! Last night was Matty C's birthday and we celebrated by hitting a place I'd never heard of, Roberta's, way the hell out in Bushwick. There's pretty much nothing out there other than this place. Some nice loft apartments. And then a random BYOB pizza joint that sorta has a bit of Lucali going for it, but a few key ingredients were missing.

Which is funny to say, because unlike Lucali, our beloved joint with just two menu items and about six total ingredients, this spot had a bunch of ingredients. Bunches. They had all sorts of specials and starters and yeah. Tons of stuff. So anyway, I'll stop making comparisons. This spot was nice. And we had a great time. I just couldn't help using Lucali as a benchmark given the specialty and BYOB status. Anyway.

We got started with a couple salads. I can't remember exactly what they both were. One was a heirloom tomato thing with some goat cheese. Tomatoes were OK. Goat cheese was great. Funny presentation. We also had a wilted greens salad with bacon and cherries. Not bad. Bacon was a little too overdone. But it was smoky and delicious.

The pizzas were the main course and we went with one that was a "Hawaiian" style. It had ricotta, pineapple, ham, jalapeno ... some sauce. It was nice. Pretty delicious, actually. The crust was lacking a little. Could have stood to hang in the oven for another 2-3 minutes. Our second pie (they were small) was just the traditional cheese, sauce and basil but we threw on anchovies as an extra. I love that I've made Meena such a fan of anchovies.

I think there's also a photo up there of Matt sharing his hen of the woods salad. I think he enjoyed it. And I'm sure everyone he shared it with did as well.

We finished with a lovely, cake-like brownie made by Emily I'm told. It was awesome. A nice bit of cinnamon gave it a fantastic bite. Excellent end to the meal.

Pretty fantastic night, Mr. Chaymez. I know it was technically a surprise, but thanks for having us to share the occasion with you!

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