Sunday was a busy day. Not really. But I did have to get my haircut and watch my Colts go down for the second time this season. Bummer. But when I got home from the bar, totally disheartened, Meena cheered me up with a little dinner she'd thrown together.

She picked up some fish at the market the previous day and got rolling with the following:
- lemon
- garlic
- thyme
- sage
- olive oil
- rainbow trout

She also threw in some sweet corn from the Carroll Gardens farmer's market to cap it all off.

I don't think she was a big fan of the fish, but I thought it was nice. Very mild and packed with a lot of herb and garlic flavor. I thought it probably would have been perfect with a touch of salt, but I'm not complaining. I thought it worked.

The corn was like candy. Just ... amazing. Now ... back to the office.

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