I'll start by saying I stole some photos from scaredy kat on flickr. Thanks, sk. You're the best.

Ok. So this was a day. This was my bachelor party and rather than doing all the things you THINK I did, let me just say ... my day mostly revolved around my favorite stuff - friends, food and baseball. And some beer and cameras, too. Oh, and Queens. All things that I like now, even if I didn't so much before. That mostly refers to Queens. Queens and I are cool now. Not that we weren't before. We just didn't know each other well. We're feeling good now though.

Anyway, so the day started out at PS1 for some fun art in Long Island City. Some great stuff. Some stuff with obligatory nudity. You know. Art.

Then we hit an awesome halal street cart in Queens (might need Matt to remind me of the name) for a $3 chicken sandwich. With all sorts of sauces. It was messy, huge and totally awesome. It was dripping everywhere while I was trying to chow and run back to the 7 train so we could get to the next spot.

After that, we picked up some Corona Lemon Ice (I had pina colada) after a hike through ... Corona. I think my medium was $2 and worth every penny on what was probably the most humid day I've felt in September in a long time.

Then we hiked through the park and made our way over to Shea for my first (and last) game in the old blue ring. I'm glad I made it to Shea once. It wasn't such a great game. Mets blew it. But it was a lot of fun and I had a couple beers. Awesome.

After the game, we made our way over to the crown jewel of the night - Spicy & Tasty. Matt had heard some pretty amazing things about this spot and I'll just go ahead and say it - it did not disappoint. This is a tiny little Chinese joint out in Flushing and it's amazing. We were some of the only white folks in there and it was pretty clear the other patrons weren't all that happy to see us. That's harsh. They weren't UNhappy to see us. They were just like - what do these guys REALLY think they're doing here.

Well, we were eating all the crazy stuff we can't get anywhere else! That's what. And we did. We ate. And ate. And ate. There wasn't enough room on the table for our plates. And it was a big table.

I can't even remember everything. I know I had the following:
- sliced pork with crushed chili sauce
- diced rabbit
- beef tendon

I know Matt had:
- bean curd and celery with green onion
- shrimp in black bean sauce
- some other kind of shrimp with rice cakes
- some peanut butter mochi type thing
- seaweed salad
- sesame noodles

And James had:
- chicken with cashew
- black been mochi type thing

I can't remember what else James had. But suffice it to say, we at a lot and it was really, really good. Everything.

I think Matt might have real photos. I'll maybe post them later. But man. Great night. Awesome, awesome night. Matt and James really pulled through and sent me in to matrimony a very happy, very full guy. Thanks, dudes.

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Matthew said...

It was Sammy's Halal in Jackson Heights.

And I did eat everything listed under my name.

Including most of what is seen here: