Saturday Dan came by to help Meena plow though a few wedding things and just generally make us both feel better about all things wedding related. Dan has that way with us.

So after a few drinks and much conversation, we ran out to Frankie's 457 for a bit of pasta and a whole host of other nice things.

While we were waiting for a seat, we got started with something I'd never experienced before - hot buttered rum. And it's just what you'd think it is if you've never had it. It's butter, spiced aplenty, water and rum. And it tastes like fall in a cup. Much like spiced cider, but this is somehow even better. Maybe because it has rum in it. But it was pretty awesome.

After we were seated in the back yard (and this was a massive feat we were told because it was 10:45 and that pretty much NEVER happens), we kicked off the night with the following:
- antipasto plate
- meatballs with raisins

Really delicious. All of it. The meatballs were weird as an appetizer, but to be honest, when it all came to the table, it seemed very right. Very, very right.

For main courses, Meena and both had the same meal:
- pork braciola with marinara

And Dan had:
- cavateli with sausage

I mean, I had a bite of Dan's and it was awesome. No doubt. But the pork ... wow. It's just amazing. Every time. With the sauce, it's just another level of delicious. The meat just falls apart. And the subtle cheese is just right with the meat and the sauce. It's pretty much one of the best things on a menu in this neighborhood. Just saying.

So it was a great night. Back yard dining at a great spot with great friends. Can't ask for much more.

Note: Stole these photos from flickr. From scaredey cat ... who I have stolen from before. Thanks Cat!

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