We finally did it ... we went to the new Brooklyn Trader Joe's. And I'm not sure I'll be back. Well, maybe. After buying their Bulgogi cuts from the meat section, I might go back for that. But ONLY that. The rest of the place is a madhouse and it's all gross.

But last night, after chillin' at the Antic on Atlantic, we hit Joe's and picked up a few things. It was nuts, so we just grabbed a few essentials (you know, bulgogi beef, boston lettuce, the usual) and got out as quickly as possible.

When we got home, we threw the bulgogi cuts on a pan, seared them up quickly and threw them on a plate after running a knife through it all a couple times.

Then I made a quick chutney:
- white wine vinegar
- red onion
- mustard seeds
- brown sugar
- crushed red pepper
- salt
- olive oil

I also filled up a ramekin with some kimchee and cleaned a boston lettuce and we were in business. Lettuce wraps with bulgogi beef. With a bit of hot sauce, I must say, this was fantastic. The marinade for the beef was pretty awesome because the cuts were super tender and packed with good bbq and sesame flavor.

Kimchee, beef, hot sauce and chutney. Man. That's Sunday night done right.

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Luis said...

i haven't hit the Joe yet... maybe i will soon though... that beef looks good