I don't have any more jokes. No defense. I just love cheap Tex Mex when the world is stressing me out! And my wife-to-be feels the same way.

Thank goodness.

So anyay, we went to Lobo again last night and we were treated to more of the same lovely grub that we could probably make at home but don't because it's pretty darn cheap and they have better chips and salsa. Although we got a WHOLE garlic clove in the bowl last night which was weird. But whatever. I still love you Lobo. As Cleveland says, "We good though, Lobo!"

Meena had:
- edwin's enchiladas with ranchero sauce

Alec had:
- pork quesadilla

Hot spicy and probably not the best thing for either of us. But man, with all the crap we've been dealing with at work and throughout the planning process, we just needed it. So we did it. And we're feeling pretty good about it.

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