I guess it's been nearly two years since we started this thing and if you've read it a little over that time, you know Indian delivery has long been a part of our lives. When we lived in the East Village, I think we were reeling in some Baluchi's nearly once a week. It was just so good we couldn't help it!

But since we've been in Brooklyn, I'd say we've probably had Indian maybe ... four or five times? Tops? And maybe only twice was that delivery? We just haven't found anything we like that much.

Last night Meena tried to alter this course and called in some delights from Raga on Smith. We hadn't had it in a long time and honestly, it had just been too long. So when I got home and heard this is what we had in store, I was pretty stoked.

Meena had:
- shrimp appetizer
- chicken tika masala

Alec had:
- lamb vindaloo

Not bad. Not bad at all. We each had a little naan with our dishes and that was one of the only sorta unfortunate parts. Not great naan. Not terrible. Not great though.

The food was pretty solid. My lamb was like a spicy, liquid fire. Just the way I like it. Meena enjoyed her tika - I think she still loves Baluchi's a lot more. Can't argue there.

But it was a pretty solid Indian delivery and we're both really happy to have it back in our lives. It's such a ridiculous thought when I see it in writing ... but so true.

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