Just catching up here. We had some lovely bites when we got home and back on East Coast time, but I was always too sleepy (or busy) to get it back on the internutz. Here's the run down:

- We had a lovely breakfast sandwich ala Meena. Some nice sausage, avocado and eggs. Yum.

- Diana made us one of her signature spreads. Outstanding. We had a pumpkin upside down cake, little sausage and cheese joints in wonton skins, cheese pizza, Hawaiian pizza, dips, etc. It was nuts. As always. And it was fantastic and I loved every moment. As always.

- We had some quesadillas with ground beef one night. Some of the best I've made.

- Nachos for the Colts game ala Meena. Plentiful and totally awesome.

- Dan made some election night salmon burgers with a chipotle mayo. I mean ... pretty amazing.

It's been a pretty great welcome home tour. Obviously.

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