As you've seen, we're back in the saddle on the food front. We've made a couple meals and had a few wonderful ones made for us by friends, but I have to say ... it's never home until we've had a couple pizzettas in da HOUSE.

Last night was a good one because we only needed about $10 bucks in new stuff to make this one shine. The rest was leftover stuff that we had in the fridge. The core of the four efforts contained the following:
- chipotle tortilla
- yellow bell pepper
- tomato sauce
- mixed greens
- fresh mozzarella
- sea salt
- black pepper

Then in addition to that, I added a couple extras to make each unique. One had some habenero chicken sausage. One had some of the ground beef from our quesadillas the other night. The other had some anchovies. The last one was chicken sausage and habenero cheddar (hot one!).

Pretty good! We don't typically use those low-carb tortillas for these, but it was raining last night and we weren't interested in trekking to find them. In the end, these worked just fine.

So that's that. We're back in the swing of things.

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