Meena's in the kitchen! And she's got a copy of Gourmet and a bunch of stuff I like a lot in the fridge ready to go into pots and pans for a great meal.

The dish was called sweet and sour unstuffed cabbage. It ended up being like an ethnic sort of comfort food. And I mean that in the very best way possible.

Her Sunday night masterpiece featured:
- ground pork
- ground beef
- cabbage
- cranberries
- brown rice
- red wine vinegar
- brown sugar
- sea salt
- black pepper
- chicken broth
- canned tomatoes

Meena was afraid it didn't look nice, but a) it really doesn't matter and b) it didn't look bad. The cabbage was steamed and deliciously soft. The sauce was like a sloppy joe type of thing ... with a bit more flair. The cranberries were a really good addition and made me think of my favorite beef stew with dried cherries. Great choice, Meen. Lovely dinner to cap a really relaxing weekend.

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