Last night I had to get my geek on at a Star Trek preview for work. Good news is it looks really amazing. I'm not a fan at all. Never have been. But JJ is doing some cool stuff here and his intro and the subsequent clips piqued my interest. Considerably. So I guess that makes the bad news the unfortunate fact that I'm now a total geek.

Anyway, Meena was kind enough to call in some delivery from Chance. We hadn't had any Chinese delivery in a minute so I'm guessing that's why this was unusually great last night.

We had:
- chance's chicken
- curry noodles with shrimp and chicken
- sesame beef

We'd never had those curry noodles before and I liked them. A lot. Reminded me subtly of the Singapore street noodles from PF Chang's. Think what you will of me, but I consider that a hefty compliment. I'm sure referencing chains in the food blogosphere is blasphemy, but I don't really care. Clearly. I'm reviewing delivery Chinese here. And I know my three readers don't really care either (Shout out to my three readers!! What, what!).

Anyway, it was nice. Watched a little American footie. Watched some J&K + 8. Great night.

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