I'll cook tonight. I promise. But I've been feelin' sorta crappy the past few days and cooking just hasn't been in the cards. Anyway.

It's cold outside. REALLY cold. Colder than I remember it being in November for a minute.


To combat that, I guess we had to have some cold food. I don't know why. But it worked. I was more than happy to see some plump little rolls show up.

Meena had:
- shrimp shumai
- cube 63 roll
- bahama mama roll

Alec had:
- miso soup (that's warm, I know ... but that was it!)
- tuna and avocado roll
- spicy tuna crunch roll
- eel and avocado roll

Glorious. Music in our mouths. Cube 63 does it again. I feel like I'm writing the quotes that go at the end of a movie trailer. But you know ... at this point in our career with Cube 63 delivery, it sorta needs to be reduced to sound bites and brief compliments. You know we love it.

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