Weird. Weird dinner. Meena was out for yet another work function so I was at home cooking some foods and hanging out. I tried to use some of the stuff we had around and picked up a couple things at the store.

I started with some veg:
- portobello mushrooms
- napa cabbage
- red onion
- siracha
- sea salt
- olive oil

And then I made a sandwich:
- whole-grain flat bread
- smoked mackerel
- red onion
- dijon mustard

I threw a bit of my veg on top of the sandwich and closed it all up. Not bad. Pretty good, actually. Everything really had a lot more flavor and taste than it looks up there. Sorta ugly. Lots of muted, bland colors. But that siracha in the veg and the smoky fish were pretty strong flavors. Dijon mustard, too. So you know ... the looks weren't there. But in the end, I was pretty pleased with it.

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