Last night we met Laura's lil' sister, Bon, at the Lower East Side's Little Giant along with some work folk. I'd never heard a thing about this spot, but I was told prior to arriving that it's quite the place.

We sorta ordered a feast. And it was sorta good.

For starters, we had the deviled eggs, a couple biscuits and some spinach dip. I like them all. The biscuits were the standout, however.

For dinner, there were a lot of different things ordered. Meena and Bon had the scallops you see up there. I think they may have been the best thing that came out. We also had the following delivered to the table:
- swine of the day x 2
- pasta with fresh pesto

I had the swine and I was a little unhappy with it. It's that photo you see up there that's dark and gross. It wasn't that it was terrible - the selection of foods was nice - it was just that the pork butt was sorta overcooked. When you have pork butt, you don't want it to be dry. That's the worst. It's one of those pieces of meat that you want soft, falling apart and utterly juicy. I'm hyper critical of pork, but yeah. That was a bummer.

For dessert, we had some made to order cookies with a scoop of vanilla gelato and some sticky pudding. Really nice. They shined in that department for sure.

So it was a good night. Some disappointment with the pork and lots of high notes - namely getting to hang with Bonnie.

Also, sorry to Mrs. Kaufman for involving another daughter in my eating adventures! I promise she was unharmed!

And the photos are clearly not all mine. Thanks, tokyohana and alexandra moss

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