Last night I was on my own. Meena had the Women Of The Year Awards to attend, so while she was chilling with Hillary and Ms. Portman and stuff, I'm hanging around watching Monday Night Football.

Anyway, I made some simple stuff. Nothing serious. I started with some roasted veg:
- brussels sprouts
- red onion
- honey
- sea salt
- black pepper
- olive oil

And after I got those roasting, I threw together a little sandwich:
- red onion
- multi-grain flat bread
- gravlax
- low-fat cream cheese
- dijon mustard
- chives

Not bad. The gravlax were pretty pungent, but that's part of the appeal, I guess. I really enjoyed the sandwich. The dollop of cream cheese and the mustard gave it a smooth bite and the red onion packed a punch. Nice.

And the veg was solid. Nothing beats some sprouts and onions with a touch of honey and salt. Little sweet ... subtle crunch. Perfect side to a sandwich during MNF.

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