Strange weekend of eating. I'll just recap quickly:

- Friday: Meena was out at a work party so I just ate a slice of pizza from around the corner.

- Saturday: I spent the day at UMASS for a football game and Meena spent the day chillin' around home. We went to a birthday party that night in Williamsburg and had a lovely lasagna her friend Jen made. It was very delicious - I don't have an image though. Sorry!

- Sunday: Football SUNDAY. We went to James and D's house and had a ton of nice foods. D had tortellini and pizza. Dan brought taco dip. I made a couple timbles. One with smoked salmon and red onion ... the other with a red onion chutney.

So yeah. Weird weekend. No photos. Eating at odd times. Sorry. I'll do better this week.

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