Saturday we were ferried to the the city by James and D to attend a nice little dinner party at the home of Will and Marisa. They have a great spot and it's decorated beautifully. Truth be told, I came home and had to have some serious soul searching about our own setup. Changes coming soon, no doubt.

Anyway, in addition to a great setup, we were also treated to some great foods. The duo got us started with some hummus and olives and that sort of thing while Will rocked out a couple pizzas that were fantastic.

I can't remember all the ingredients, but I think I have a shot of both of them up there. They were all veg appropriate. One had some fake sausage. The other had some veggie crumbles. One had fresh mozzarella. One had regular. They BOTH had Will's homemade gravy of the red variety. Both ... were awesome.

For something sweet at the end, D brought a zucchini cake with a bit of homemade pumpkin ice cream. I mean ... yeah. I could have eaten fifteen plates of that.

Awesome night.

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