I had to head out to the WIRED Store opening for work last night so food wasn't the primary objective. I mean, it was. I wanted to eat ... but I was there during dinner and on into "after dinner" time so I just sorta ate what I could get.

What I got was pretty good, actually. The little bites that were circulating throughout the night were OK. There was a short rib quesadilla thing that was nice. And there were some shrimp that were kinda sticky and gross ... but sorta good at the same time. There were various other things that were good and some that weren't, but by the time I was heading back to Brooklyn, I was full enough.

It's like when I was a caterer after college ... you'd eat as many little spinach puffs as you could when you were heading back to get your serving platter filled in the basement because you were poor and hungry. You'd leave with dinner being a natural thought ... but you were just so stuffed from scarfing all the leftovers.

Anyway. It was sorta like that. I got home and there wasn't much of a reason to eat. I'd had enough.

Also, go to the WIRED store. In NYC or online at wired.com/wiredstore. Just sayin.

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