Well, I finally got back in the kitchen. Sorry for the long delay. But you know how it is. With work and all ... sometimes it's just hard to get in there and get your hands dirty. But you know, weekends are typically sorta good for this kind of thing. Especially weekends that are cold and windy.

We didn't go outside much on Saturday, but we did get to the fish store to pick up a bit of salmon. I know we're sorta always doing salmon, but I think if you check, we haven't done it in a minute. So you know ... we figured we were due.

Pretty simple for the fish:
- salmon
- chives
- sea salt
- black pepper

Then I threw it over some mushrooms which featured:
- shiitake mushrooms
- crimini mushrooms
- white wine vinegar
- sea salt
- bacon
- black pepper

We also started with a soup that was sorta nice for the weather:
- white beans
- bacon
- sea salt
- allspice
- cinnamon
- chives
- sour cream
- chicken stock
- garlic
- white onion

The soup was thick and smooth. Not normally my thing, but like I said, it wasn't bad given the cold outside. I liked the allspice and cinnamon, too. Gave the thickness a nice little edge.

The salmon was nice. Meena's fillet and my fillet were different sizes so I think hers ended up cooked just a touch longer than it should have been. It was good, but mine (the thicker slice) was a little better, probably.

Good dinner, though. I hadn't done soup in a while. And that turned out well. I hadn't done salmon in a minute. It was a hit. So yeah. I guess that'll do.

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