Pretty similar presentation, no? I mean ... I guess it's not TOTALLY the same. I just repeated the crossed chives again this morning. Not a cardinal sin or anything. Just a little lazy. Or maybe just not a bad idea worth repeating. Ha! I don't know. But I figured I'd call attention to it because anyone who is reading this can probably see my lack of creativity from last night to this morning.

Anyway, I got up this morning and got started on some brekkie to get us going for the day ahead. We knew we needed to hit the city for some stuff so I figured it best to get it started right. With some eggs and potatoes.

First I made some potato cakes:
- yams
- dijon mustard
- cinnamon
- light mayo
- panko
- egg
- sea salt
- black pepper
- parmesan
- chives

I threw all that in in the oven for a bit at 500 degrees and after a time (can't remember how long ... just long enough that when I punched them with a finger they punched back a little), I fried up a couple eggs to go on top. Nothing fancy, just two eggs, sea salt and some black pepper on a non-stick pan.

I garnished the thing with some more pepper, sea salt and some chives.

And the results were pretty nice. The cakes were probably my best effort yet in the potato pancake realm. I was really pleased with not only the flavor, but the texture as well. Fluffy in the middle, but still dense and really packed with that sweet, savory yam punch. I told Meena they were like savory cookies. They were. A little.

Anyway, I think this one was a winner. I need to figure out how to make them look a little nicer. But the flavor was there for certain.

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