I was over at James and D's house watching football this afternoon so Meena was polite enough to take the reigns on dinner. And folks, she really housed it tonight. Destroyed it. Knocked one out of the park. That's right ... my wife is the best.

She had mentioned a BBQ chicken pizza earlier in the day and when I got home, I was please to see she stayed true to her earlier thought.

But this wasn't just your standard BBQ chicken pizza, folks. No, this was something special. Something different. Not only did she put a lot of love in there ... just used a bunch of stuff that took this one to a whole new level.

First she made a tomato chutney:
- tomato
- apple cider vinegar
- brown sugar
- garlic

And the rest of the ingredients went like this:
- chicken
- green onion
- white cheddar
- gouda
- red onion
- pre-made whole wheat crust

Yeah, it was something special. The cheese was luscious and bubbly. The chutney was sweet and tart and it was the perfect compliment to the chicken and cheese.

Awesome meal to accompany a big Colts win!

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