Meena and I are trying to do a couple things this week. First and foremost, as a direct result of this crap economy and the financial fear sweeping the nation, we're trying to keep budgets in check and tighten our belts. That means getting a little creative. And because we're heading home for the holidays on Wednesday, I figured it would be smart to use up as much as possible in the fridge.

Enter the pizzetta.

Last night I made a couple versions, but they were all featuring the same basic ingredients. Gone are the days of each one being themed a different way. That's too stressful for a Monday night. Maybe I'll get that nerve back one day. Maybe not. Anyway, on to the ingredients:
- crimini mushrooms, white onion and curry powder
- roasted garlic marinara
- red onion
- chives
- bbq chicken
- flour tortilla

The only thing I switched up between the four offerings was the cheese. I used the following selections:
- white cheddar
- gouda
- some sort of soft, brie-like number (forget the name)

Really nice pizzettas last night. Really nice. The curried veggies gave a light, but noticeable heat. The various cheeses gave us some variety and various levels of salt and texture.

Lovely. I'm not sure what's left in the fridge, but I guess we'll find out tonight ...

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