I had to run over to the WIRED Store for a little event last night so I wasn't able to get home to slice and dice some sprouts and stuff the way I would have liked. But all was alright. Meena (who is starting to get the head cold I endured the last two weeks) decided to keep it simple and call in some assistance from the always cheap and consistently delicious Zaytoons.

Like always, we chose not to stray from the standards. Meena had:
- chicken shawarma sandwich

Alec had:
- small zaytoons mix
- shish kebab sandwich

As always, it was pretty killer. The one thing I've noticed fluctuations in over the last two years is the cooking time of my lamb. At times, it can be a bit overdone. But typically, it's that lovely shade of medium that's perfect for this type of sandwich. Last night they were firing on all cylinders.

Also I'd like to note - the zaytoons mix featured a handsome number of peppers (Matt, this would fall under the EXCELLENT heading on my zaytoons mix rating table).

I'll try to get home and fire up the kitchen tonight.


Daily Worker said...

I'm glad the economic downturn no longer affects the pepperocini business.

rimbaud's_wrist said...

You must try the mujadara (rice, lentils and carmelized onions) next time you order . . .

Have you tried the Olive Vine on Court?