Last night was a bit of a bummer for a whole host of reasons, but after Meena had a really hectic and busy day, I felt the best thing for her wellbeing was a bit of garbage pasta. And given we're back at MKE this weekend, it was best to get rid of a few things.

So I diced a few things and chopped a few others. The following items went in a few different pans and pots:
- spaghetti
- red wine marinara
- parmesan
- lemon zest
- black forest ham
- brussels sprouts
- garlic
- sea salt
- black pepper
- bread crumbs
- olive oil

Pretty standard for a pasta. Not so unlike what we did the last few times. But again, pretty good. I sorta wanted to do some anchovy rather than the ham, but I was pretty pleased with the ham's result. It got a little crispy. It stuck to all the noodles. Ideal, you know?

Anyway, we're out again ... so expect some airport dining, fine dining and then more airport dining recaps when I get back!

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