Well, we've been to Milwaukee and back. Again. For the second time in a week! And guess what? It was so much fun!

Save the airport bouts, and even those weren't that bad this time around, we had a blast from start to finish. From some really amazing foods and symphonies to bad airport food and Joya, we crammed a lot into a few short days.

We started in the airport with some cheap Chinese and nasty Italian. Meena wasn't in the mood for the standards so she got the spaghetti.

Saturday, we started out our awesome night with a lovely spread at the Wisconsin Club. The whole fam came out and we all ate and ate and ate. The food was fantastic and the company was even better.

Meena had:
- shrimp cocktail
- beef tenderloin with foie gras

Alec had:
- smoked trout with capers and horseradish sauce
- halibut with white beans and baslsamic

There were lots of other great things. Brian had a crabcake and rock shrimp ravioli. There were lots of steaks around the table. There was shrimp cocktail for the table. We had a banana cake at the end. I mean. It was pretty awesome from start to finish. And then we got to go to the symphony! And it was one of the best years yet.

When we finally made it back to Brooklyn, it was late (delays in LGA, go figure). So what do you do in times like that? You order Joya.

Meena had:
- pad thai with chicken (and a side of sambal oelek)

Alec had:
- woon sen (extra spicy)

I'm not sure why the woon sen is so awesome, but it is. We never saw it on a menu in Thailand when we were there, but man, it's my favorite Thai dish in America. Super spicy, a little smoky and so, so delicious.

Awesome weekend. Thanks, everyone!

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