I don't know why we went for the homey stuff last night. I guess I do - we're making an effort to minimize grocery costs. And this meal was one of those little joints that you can probably break off for under 10 bucks (if you have some cheese in the fridge).

I started with some veg:
- brussels sprouts
- red onion
- honey
- sea salt
- black pepper
- tandori spice mix

Then I did some fries in the oven:
- sweet potato
- olive oil
- black pepper
- sea salt
- taco spice mix

And finally, I knocked out a couple sandwiches:
- peasant bread
- cheddar cheese
- gouda cheese
- black forest ham

Pretty good meal, actually. I wasn't happy with the fries. I need to try some different thickness versions. I tried to do really slight versions to make them cook faster. But I got some soggy ones and some burnt ones. Maybe I can cook it on lower heat. I guess I just need to get used to the fact that potatoes take a minute to cook. Oh well.

But the food was good. The sandwiches were rad - lots of good cheese and that salty ham punch at the end. The veg was solid ... little sweet, little spicy. Just the way we like it.


Su-Lin said...

This looks fantastic - I like the roasted veg/fries by the sandwich...there's a more wintery feel to it than just a cold salad!

JSteele said...

Hey Alec . . .
Finally got around to making the sprouts and, with the addition of a little red pepper flakes and a squeeze of lemon juice, we were very very pleased. Thanks!