So this post has a whole lotta love in it. Not only did we have an awesome Thanksgiving weekend in Milwaukee, we also sorta let our two-year anniversary on MOAP slip on by. That's right. I've been doing this thing for two whole years. Insane. Since we started, Meena and I have moved twice (that's right ... three apartment kitchens and three different neighborhoods on this sucker), gone from being together, to engaged to married and ... a whole host of other stuff. We've been through all sorts of things and this blog has been a relative constant. Wild.

Anyway, I said I wasn't going to make a big deal out of anniversaries any longer, so that's it. Two years in the can. Hopefully many more.

But Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was awesome. We started Thursday off with a ton of stuff. Meena's mom had turkey, yams, fruit salad, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Her sister brought some amazing pumpkin pies that featured intense amounts of vanilla ice cream. Pretty awesome.

The next day we had some of her mom's awesome beef stroganoff and a broccoli salad that's one of my favorite things on the planet. Lots of raw broccoli, red onion and bacon. Whew. I love it.

The next night, Saturday, we made our way to downtown Milwaukee for a couple delicious steaks at the Capitol Grill. It's a chain, that's true, but damn it's good. They dry age their beef there at the restaurant and it shows. I had a sirloin cooked to medium rare and it was a thing of beauty. Meena had a fillet and some butter poached lobster. We had some sides that were pretty awesome ... au gratin potatoes and a bit of butternut squash that was scented with maple syrup. The dinner was capped off with some coconut cream pie and I'm pretty sure I gained 13 pounds during this leisurely sitting. Sad, but it's probably well worth it. The food was awesome.

And tonight after flying back through the beginnings of a storm in Milwaukee, we touched down in NY and made our way back to Brooklyn with Joya on the brain. Meena had:
- chicken pad thai
- spring rolls

Alec had:
- tom yum koong
- pork and onion salad

My food was massively spicy this time. I had tons of red pepper in there. It was like eating fire. And I loved every second of it. Meena's was good. As always. No surprise there with Joya. They may have a dance party going on at that place, but the food always comes out refined. Thanks for the perfect welcome back to the hood, Joya.

So that's that. Another awesome Thanksgiving in the bag and two years on this sporadically read blog. Just kidding. I know some people read. But yeah. Great weekend, great food and lots and lots of wonderful family.

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Anonymous said...

I read it...sporadically :) In case you're curious, the pie is:
store-bought pie crust
pumpkin pie spice
real vanilla ice cream

But I add vanilla and cinnamon to it as well.

Your Flatlander Sister-in-law