After the big surprise, Meena and I had James and D over for a bit of dinner and some highly competitive sport on the good old Wii. The games consisted of horseshoe toss, skee ball and trivia. Oh, and then we did Scattergories later. Anyway, it was fun.

For dinner, Meena got us started with a nice salad:
- field greens
- raspberries
- dried cranberries
- bleu cheese
- olive oil
- chili sauce
- sea salt
- garlic
- black peper

And then I did the main:
- salmon (with sea salt and black pepper)
- chive oil (olive oil, chives and sea salt)
- garlic mashed potatoes (potatoes, buttermilk, sea salt, garlic and olive oil)
- shiitake mushrooms (with sea salt, olive oil, black sesame and soy sauce)

Then at the end (and sadly un-pictured) were some really awesome ice cream sandwiches Meena mixed up. A couple homemade chocolate chip cookies surrounding a scoop of chocolate swirl frozen yogurt.

AWESOME. Like. So good. Meena knocked it out of the park with the cookies. Totally on point.

So it was a fun night. Good food. More great friends (what a weekend thus far, right??).

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