Couple things here - first and foremost, I forgot to mention that Meena made me a delicious cake the other night for my birthday. Although we're really celebrating tonight (Friday), she unveiled her masterpiece on Tuesday night and I've been enjoying it all week. It's beautiful, no? I thought so. The cake was banana and the icing was cream cheese. It was ALL made from scratch. No mixes or cans of frosting. Meena gets it DONE.

Anyway, that was Tuesday. Last night, Meena was at work until late so I was on my own. I didn't really want any delivery or anything so I went ahead and just used what I had in the fridge - which wasn't so bad this time around.

I thought I'd make a philly cheese type of thing. I threw in:
- chopped steak
- chopped green pepper
- chopped red onion
- cheddar cheese
- peasant bread
- siracha

NOT bad. Not bad at all. I wasn't expecting much for some reason. But it came out OK. To go with some 30 Rock and The Office? Can't imagine how it could have been much better than this!

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