Good weekend. I'll just start by saying that. It was a good, delicious, relaxing weekend. We started it off with a long, relaxing dinner at Ivo & Lulu on the way home from the office. We picked up a bottle of wine (which wasn't all that hot, sadly) and ordered a few of our favorites. Meena had:
- grilled avocado with vegetable moouse
- chicken with mango cream

Alec had:
- grilled pear with bleu cheese
- wild boar sausage with blueberries

Awesome. Things have changed a bit over the years at Ivo but it's still one of my favorite spots ever.

Saturday morning Meena made a lovely little breakfast sandwich that started things off right:
- egg
- ham
- marinara
- cheddar
- wheat bread


Saturday evening we had the pleasure of hanging out with Dan in our hood. It had been a minute since we'd been lucky enough to hit Lucali so we decided to give it a shot. It took a minute to get in, but we finally gained entrance and oh boy ... totally worth the wait. I've probably said it before but I'll say it again. Lucali is the best pizza in NY. I know those are like fighting words to some people. But it's what I believe. Best pizza in town.

Sunday night Meena and I were able to enjoy a bit of pork butt that had been roasting away all afternoon. Around 2:00 in the afternoon I got a 2.5 pound hunk of pig going with the following:
- vegetable broth
- garlic
- cinnamon
- apple cider vinegar
- salt
- black pepper

When we pulled the meat out of the roaster it was falling apart. I couldn't even pick it up because it just kept breaking. Awesome problem to have.

We mixed the meat up with a bit of Korean bbq sauce and that was that. There's nothing better on this earth than roasted pork.

Meena made some mashed potatoes to accompany the meat:
- potato
- garlic
- milk
- sea salt
- black pepper

And I did a bit of spinach:
- spinach
- sesame oil
- peri peri sauce
- sea salt
- black pepper

Pretty good dinner. Pretty awesome conclusion to a lovely weekend. Now it's Monday and the baby upstairs woke us up at 4:00 a.m. with incessant screaming. So ... welcome to the week. But looking back at all this lovely stuff makes me feel very good about the last few days.

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