I'm not sure why I'm tired given it's been a short week with minimal activity, but for some reason, I'm sorta running on fumes. I had plans to make some foods last night but when I got home a little late, that plan went out the window. I just wanted to sit and hang with my wife.

So what do you do at times like this? You call Zaytoons and call it a night. That's what you do!

We kept it completely standard. Meena had:
- chicken shawarma sandwich with hummus

Alec had:
- shish kebab sandwich

And of course, we had a zaytoons mix. It wasn't that hot ... it must have been sitting around a minute. It just had a bit of an old taste or something. But whatever. It wasn't awful. And the sandwiches were spot on. Thank goodness for Zaytoons.

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