Meena and I decided to keep a bag of frozen shrimp in the fridge for nights like last night. It's cold out. We don't want to order in. Frozen shrimp to the rescue.

I will say, these frozen shrimp aren't quite as hot as the ones my parents get from Costco (I know, weird, right?). But they were pretty good. Anyway, I threw them together with a few things and got a pot of Uncle Ben's going on the other burner.

For the shrimp, I was inspired by something I saw on Tastespotting. I mixed up:
- brown sugar
- garlic
- sea salt
- black pepper
- lime juice
- peri-peri sauce
- soy sauce
- bbq sauce
- spinach

The recipe I saw called for chipotle peppers but I couldn't find them at my store. Such a disappointment. I'm not sure how a store could operate without that in its stocklist. Anyway, I just used that South African peri-peri sauce for heat and the bbq for a little smoke. I guess it was comparable. Not perfect. But OK.

Anyway, it was pretty darn good. Shrimp were full of flavor and the rice was a nice partner in crime. Meena says we'll make this again.

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