I'm cooking again. Man. It feels like it's been a month. Maybe it has. I don't know. But I haven't cooked in a minute and I was getting tired of it. It's easy to come home when it's cold and nasty and just order something. But ... honestly, it's just as easy to cook. If you have a few things sitting around in the fridge, you can almost always throw something together.

And in this first month of the year, fresh from resolutions and pledges, I've found that I typically eat a little better when I control the portions and what's going into them.

Anyway, last night I got going with a couple of pork chops we had in the fridge. The meal was really simple and this is all that went in there:
- pork chop
- sea salt
- black pepper
- box of 30 minute rice
- olive oil
- garlic infused goat cheese
- jalapeno
- plum jam

So I just grilled up the pork chops with some salt, pepper and oil on a skillet (and finished them in the oven) and cooked up the rice with a jalapeƱo. When the rice was done, I threw in a bit of the goat cheese and let it mellow while I built some pork "sandwiches" on the plates with a bit of that plum jam in the middle.

It was actually done really quickly. It would have probably been done earlier but I was super gentle with my new sauce pan and tried to baby it a little. Not necessary. It's just new so I'm trying to be ultra careful. Anyway.

So this was great. It was inspired a bit by Chestnut's pork chop that I get nearly every time I visit. Altered considerably I'm sure. But still, it was really good. We'll make this again and again I bet. Given its ease and reduced timeline .... it's a winner.

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LEV said...

i'm always a fan of the pork... looks great