We went to Dan and Steveo's last night to check in on Steve's most recent operation. He's on round two of foot surgery and we're happy to report he seems much better this time around. Still pretty immobile, but far more advanced in his use of crutches after suffering through this once already in 2008.

So per the usual routine, Dan (and his sous chef Steve's wonderful mother) knocked out some hummus and bruschetta. Very nice.

After that, we called in Joya's Park Slope sister, the lovely little Thai hot spot, Song. I had a fairly usual order:
- tom yum koong
- yum moo

And Meena had:
- woon sen with shrimp

There was also a massive thai calamari for the group to share. Pretty addictive. Pretty bad for you ... but pretty addictive.

It's funny that the restaurants are so closely related, but things do come out a little different. My yum moo was better than Joya's. Tom yum was pretty much the same. Meena enjoyed the woon sen but said it was mostly the same. Presentation was a little better at Song, though. Even in the delivery bins ... slightly nicer display.

Anyway, we're happy Steveo is on the mend and we'll likely be back soon for a similar visit. Get well, Steve!!

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