Weird weekend. I feel like I ate a lot ... but at odd times. And full meals felt sparse.

Friday we went all over the city, but we had some nice bites and drinks. Matt and Meena and I went to Terroir for a sampler of tons of fun little bites. Some marinated veggies, sardines, beets, etc. It was really nice. That place is probably a little expensive but I do enjoy it very much.

At the end of the night we made it home and ordered -yikes- papa johns from the INTERNET. And it came to our house! So weird. At 1:00 a.m. it's just necessary. Haters are welcome to turn up their noses but whatever. We needed it so we ordered it.

Saturday we had a Vietnamese experiment that controlled my food intake for the next couple days. Meena ordered a couple of our new favorite sandwiches from Nicky's. She added a bit of summer roll to the order as well and we decided we'd find out how Nicky's stacked up to the HanCo competition.

Well ... HanCo rules. Plain and simple. So much so that Meena actually put hers in the fridge and called HanCo for a replacement. Nicky's had a nicer summer roll sauce ... but in all other areas, HanCo wins. Handily.

Saturday night we had a nice, leisurerly dinner with a bottle of wine at Zaytoons. Same old same old. But the wine and relaxation were key.

Sunday we had some nice bites at James and D's house while watching football. Erin made a killer dip and D made a bit of sausage bread. Excellent.

And then last night ... I just ate the rest of the Nicky's in the fridge. For sure not as good as HanCo. Even after a day letting flavors meld. Meena called in a bit of Joya and dispatched a plate of chicken pad thai.

So yeah. Weird weekend. GOOD weekend. For sure. But weird. Sorry for the lack of photos.

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