It's a new year and Meena and I, like most Americans I'm sure, have a renewed commitment to health. Time to get back to the gym after two months of gluttony. So in an effort to start it off right last night, we did a simple meal with some simple ingredients to make sure we were plenty nourished for our run this morning.

I made a few extra meatballs from the sliders we had on Saturday night. They included:
- ground turkey thigh
- ground turkey breast
- parmesan
- fish sauce
- panko
- egg
- sea salt
- marinara
- black pepper
- soy sauce
- worcestershire
- sesame oil

And then we threw the reheated meatballs in with a bit more marinara and some steamed broccoli. I finished it off with a drizzle of olive oil and some black pepper.

We also finished off the asian coleslaw and called it a meal.

Not bad. Am I a total nerd for loving the taste of steamed broccoli? I love the smell as it's steaming, too. That's weird I think. But I do. It's so delightfully bland. Who knew?

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