We didn't really set out to make a kid friendly meal last night but I think that's what ended up happening. Fish sticks, mac & cheese and some steamed veggies? Sounds like kid food to me.

The mac & cheese was just the end of the line for the batch Meena whipped up last weekend. It was pretty awesome every time we had a bite. She most definitely had a winner here.

To round out the meal, I whipped up a few new additions starting with a bit of veg. I steamed up:
- green onion
- white onion
- broccoli

Then I tossed it all with a bit of my red onion chutney, a touch of sea salt and some black pepper. I let the broccoli over steam just a touch ... but the flavor here was still pretty successful.

The final addition to our meal was a handful of salmon fish sticks that featured:
- dijon mustard
- honey
- sesame oil
- soy sauce
- panko
- sea salt
- black pepper

I baked them in the oven for a bit and they came out crispy on the outside and nice and juicy on the inside. Not bad for my first run at fish sticks.

I also made a dipping sauce but I can't really remember what I put in. Some soy and fish sauce and honey and garlic and some other stuff. It was pretty good though.

Anyway, this, our first foray into kid food, was a pretty solid effort.

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